Dr. Islam Hegazy

Operations Director

Dr. Islam Hegazy brings with him 16 years of healthcare experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with solid track record of career progression.

Dr. Islam excels in managing many sectors within hospitals using proven methods to successfully enhance\streamline operations and increase productivity. He has managed Supply Chain Departments, Pharmaceutical Services, Information Technology and led Hospital Wide HIS Implementation Project. He has wide experience in customer/patient-oriented experience. He brings an in-depth knowledge of process optimization, contracts management and cutting cost techniques regulatory matter. Dr. Islam’s contributions span organizational CAPEX, OPEX, strategic planning, process improvements, team building, quality improvement projects, contracts management, leadership committees and going through consultations in various entities with focus of improved patient care and organizational performance.

Dr. Islam has a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Misr International University. He also holds certifications such as CPHIMS, PMP, CRMP, CISCM, CPPM to his credit.

Dr. Islam can be reached at i.hegazy@msccc-sa.com