I welcome you all to Chronic Care Specialized Medical Hospital, a hospital that is defined by its values and its service to the society. Generally, most of the long-term care patients go through the trauma of being confined to the bed for months or years. It is equally upsetting for the family members to see their loved ones in such a state.

A part of our goal at Chronic Care Specialized Medical Hospital is to make sure that our patients do not feel the burden of being dependent, bedridden and unable to enjoy life. We use every resource at our disposal to give our patients a good quality of life, the reason why they have chosen us. Our team incorporates patient centric programs that enable patients to visit the beautiful corniche, go to shopping trips to the mall, pay a visit to their home, and also enjoy their time socializing with other patients in the hospital.

My team and I make every endeavor to ensure each of our patients get the best of care, while enjoying a better quality of life during their stay at our hospital.

I wish you all good health and healthy living.

Dr. Mohamed Shalaby
General Manager