A lot of patients that require healthcare services, prefer it to be provided in the comfort of their homes. Research indicates that certain healthcare services turn out to be more effective when provided at home. Chronic Care Specialized Medical Hospital has thus launched a basket of services that can be effectively delivered at home under the Home Healthcare Program.

Our Services


Doctor’s Consultation

Nursing Services


Respiratory Therapy

Home Hemodialysis

Lab Tests

Specialized wound care

Palliative & Hospice Care

Assisted Feeding

Medication Delivery

Children Vaccination

Baby Care (Post natal care)

Who can benefit from us?

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Geriatric patients

Patients with chronic ailments

Patients with low immunity towards infections

Home based patients needing continuous monitoring

Patients at high risk of bed sores

Patients needing wound dressing

Lactating mothers needing baby care support

Children requiring vaccines

Patients at end of life stage

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